The competition in several industries including financial sector has been growing drastically for the past decade or so, along with the scope and potential it has not only for the firms but also the benefit it carries for the end consumers. AZAFX International has been working since 2009 to promote knowledge and awareness regarding financial investments in capital markets – be it currency trading, commodities, stocks, or mutual funds. We understand the abundance of talent in our youth that needs to be utilized by providing them not only with the theoretical knowledge but also practical experience.

The importance of market knowledge, facts, and figures can never be overlooked in today’s market; it has to be fetched, processed, and utilized at the right time to survive and be on a profitable track. We cater to the corporate clients by offering them the services of research, consultancy, and outsourcing to let them make sound financial investments.

AZAFX International believes in taking calculated risks and be the first to introduce innovative financial solutions for the customers according to their needs. The Financial Supermarket is one big example itself.

Consequently, the room for improvement is always there and there is much to be done for this highly potential market and as well the financial sector of other countries including Russia, UAE, Africa and Qatar. We believe in passion, determination, and consistency in everything we do, hence success would always be there as a result.

CEO – AZAFX International