“AZAFX INTERNATIONAL”, is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Reg No. 21/176) and authorized by the Financial Services Board (‘FSB’) (Authorization No. 243/14).

Proper and effective policies, established internal procedures and controls and an overall culture of compliance creates a strong foundation for your transactions.  It maintains the flow of business by reducing maintenance, changes and testing.

AZAFX adheres to compliance and risk management policies, and we are proud to do so. We comply with stricter regulations when compared to an unregulated brokerage house.

AZAFX is committed to conducting business in a manner that complies with applicable laws and is, consistent with the highest ethical standards, including standards intended to prevent bribery and corruption. AZAFX understands the risks that may compromise these standards and using all reasonable efforts to ensure that those who provide services to AZAFX are well aware of and share our commitment to an ethical and highly reputed Forex brokerage entity.

We provide the highest standard of broker services and security. All of our business is conducted in line with local regulation.